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Analysis of some health indicators with former miners

T. Yanakieva, T. Turnovska, M. Panova, D. Terzieva


Up to 1998-1999 the Saje Mine operated in the village of Sarnitza (extraction of lead-zinc ores) and the wastewaters from it were draining away in the Trakietz Dam Lake. This reservoir was used, as recently as three years ago, for drinking-water supply to the city of Haskovo. The population which has consumed water for drinking and household needs from the nearby Trakietz Dam Lake is nearly 26 000 people. Because of the significant effect of heavy metals and ionizing radiation on human health we set as our goal to study the concentration of some of them in biological material collected from former miners and people living in close proximity to old mines. An active survey was done of all studied people. The average concentrations in blood of miners: Pb - 66.50 mg /l, Cd - 1.12mg /l, Cu in blood serum - 15.68, Zn-in blood serum - 18.58mg /l, As - in urine test-13.84 mg/l. The average concentrations in people: Pb -149.13 mg /l, Cd -3.37mg /l, Cu serum-15.69 mg /l, Zn -16.22 mg /l, As - 18.72 mg /l.


1.Increased levels of Pb are found in 4.34% and boundary values in 21.7% of the former miners which may be the reason for the larger percentage of miners with high blood pressure, as well as the big share of diseases of the nervous system (8.69%).

2. Higher values of Cd were found in 43.48 % of the miners, which correlates with the increased percentage of kidney diseases in the exposed group, and could be due to professional exposure in the past.

3. There is no evidence of Cd contamination of drinking water.

4. The content of Cu and Zn in the serum of all tested individuals is within the referential boundaries.

5. The concentration of As in the urine samples of all tested individuals is within the referential values.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(1): 85-89.

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About The Authors

T. Yanakieva
Regional Inspectorate of Protection and Control of Public Health - Haskovo

T. Turnovska
Medical University of Plovdiv

M. Panova
St. George University Hospital - Plovdiv

D. Terzieva
St. George University Hospital - Plovdiv

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