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Н. Kючуков, Г. Марков, Д. Чолаков, Ив. Kунев, В. Бойчев


Investigations are carried out on a series comprising 551 patients with closed cerebro-cranial injuries; of the total 419 are diagnosed as contussion of the brain and 132 - brain contusions.

It is established that cerebrocranial injuries might have a course with normal and increased or lowered liquor pressure equally and therefore, they recommend the determination of the liquor pressure prior to beginning the treatment.

The liquor pressure might be altered in the course of treatment and in case the therapy applied is ineffective, it should be measured for control.

A certain degree of dependence is established between the blood and liquor pressures and therefore the inclusion is proposed of means aiming the normalization of blood pressure in the general treatment plan of acute cerebro-cranial injuries.

It is furthermore found out, that younger subjects, ranging in age between 10 and 30 years display a susceptibility towards reaction with hypotension, whereas the affected aged 30 years and older, rather more frequently react with hypertension.

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Н. Kючуков

Г. Марков

Д. Чолаков

Ив. Kунев

В. Бойчев

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