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Functional and aesthetic effects of spreader grafts technique in rhinoplasty

Daniel Yankov


PURPOSE: Spreader grafts technique is recognized and widely employed in rhinoplasty for middle nasal vault reconstruction. The purpose of this study is to describe this method and analyze the functional and aesthetic effects of its application.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Autologous or alloplastic sticks with individually designed measurements were submucoperichondrially implanted between the frontmost parts of anterior septal edge and upper lateral cartilages. This technique was applied in 36 patients with different indications for middle nasal vault reconstruction. Of them, 26 underwent primary and 10 - secondary rhinoplasties. Open approach was used in 32 patients but endonasal one in the rest four patients only.

RESULTS: We present our recent clinical material when using the spreader grafts technique. These grafts help to achieve harmonious dorsal aesthetic lines, internal nasal valve competence preservation or recreation, and maintenance of the straightened position of the corrected deviated cartilaginous septal dorsum.

CONCLUSION:  Though the spreader grafts technique is the solution of choice in many cases, particularly in secondary rhinoplasties, it is neither universal, nor perfect. There is uninterrupted debate on its true value in nasal patency. The result depends considerably on the surgeon`s technical skills and precision. Based on the literature available and our own experience, we could conclude that the spreader grafts technique in rhinoplasty presents with both positive and negative patterns.


rhinoplasty; spreader grafts; middle nasal vault; nasal dorsum aesthetics; nasal valve reconstruction; deviated septal dorsum

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Yankov, D. V. Surgical treatment of the nasal osseo-cartilaginous vault deformities. PhD thesis. Varna, 2012, 112 p. (in Bulgarian).

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Daniel Yankov
Military medical academy of Sofia

Division of Burn, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Naval Hospital of Varna

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