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D. Daskalov, G. Nikolov


The ргоblеm of interrelations between the cervical cortex and its higher vegetative centers has an essential bеагiпg on the complex process of influencing and regulating functions in the organisrn. Recently it has assumed а particular actuality, brought about bу the гapid progress of our knowledge on the physiological importance ol formatio reticularis in which higher vegetative centers аге included. With the pur pose of studying some particular aspects in this interrelation, we in­vestigated the changes in the neuro-vegetative reactivity during examination sessions of students; as well known, in them а widespread radiation occurs of excitation processes produced bу the examination state. The influence of the functional conditions of the сегеbгаl согtех on some of the vegetative functions during examination of students was also subject to investigation bу Gotzev and associates.

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D. Daskalov

G. Nikolov

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