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D. S. Kalitsin, S. I. Bojadziev


The studies of numerous authors  have estblished that small doses of caffeine (8 mg/1000 g) increase the inhibitory processes, whereas moderate doses (20 mg/1000 g) and large doses (60 mg/1000 g body weight) increase the processes of excitation in the centra1 nervous system.

The parenteral administration of а moderade doses of caffeine (15 mg/1000 g body weight) gives rise to an increase of amyilase activity in theblооd of male rats (6). We assumed that under the influence of the created process of excitation in the central nervous system the secretion of androgen hormones from the testes and adrenal cortex is increased. Androgen hormones and testosterone in partioular as we have already shown activate amylase in vivo.

Оn the other hand, in in vitro experiments Vincent D. and Lagreu R. have estblished аn inhibitory effect of caffeine in concentrations higher than М/200 оn salivary, pancreatic and malz amylase. Concentrations of М/200 and less display по effect. In а previous рарег we reported of the administration of 15 mg/1000 g caffeine, which corresiponds to а concentration lower than М/200.

In the present work we set ourselves the task to study the effects of higher doses of caffeine (30 mg/1000 g body weight) оn amylase activity in theblооd in order to establish whether the observed in vitro effect would occur in vivo.

Data lack in the availaЫe literature on studies of the caffeine effect оn amylase in vivo.

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