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D. S. Kalitzin, T. K. Pencheva


The activity of sex hormones is subjected to complex neuro-humoraf regulation, with the participation of the brain cortex, subcortex and more particularly of the centers in the hypothalamus, gonadotropic hormones of the adenohypophysis and interaction with other endocrine glands.

In previous studies the authors of the present paper have established the activying effect of the testosteronepropionate оn the amylase in blооd and pancreas of male rats. We also established the essential role for its effect played bу the functional condition of the central nervous system, finding moreover that during аn inhibltion process this activying effect is not manifested, whereas during excitation of the central nervous system with coffeine the activying effect is enhanced.

The final goal of the present work is to elucidate the role played bу the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system insofar action of male sex hormones is concerned on enzymic activity. With this purpose in view we carried out investigations on the amylase of rats deprived of the hypophysis and hypophysectomized, treated in addition with testosteronepropionate.

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T. K. Pencheva

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