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Lead cations are encountered in а variety of materials: ores, metals, alloys, nutritive substances, concrements etc. А great number of methodsare known for qualitative identification and quantitative determination of Рb2+. Wlth discovering of the chromatographic methods, new possibllities were created for РЬ2+ assaying in а given material for investigation. Lately, the ionmetabolite resins find а particular field of application in analytical chemistry. Thus fоr Рb2+ determination F. Nelson and К. Kraus utilize anionite douex - 1, and I. Morachevski and assoc. – anionites РЕ-10 and EDE-10. Fог proving lead traces in nutritive products К. Stгeat and G. Siborg, have elaborated а feasble method utilizing the amberlite JRA-400.

Sedimentary chromatogгaphy on adequate colunn also provides а number of possibllities fог determination of various cations and more particularly Рb2 +.

Е. N. Gapon and I. М. Belenkaya suggest а sedimentary chromatographic method for qualitative determination of Рb2 + in mixture with other cations with the utilization of sedimentary соlumn frоm silicagel. А. I. Komlev and L. I. Tzimbalista have elaborated а semimicrochromatogгaphic method for determination of cations on columns of quartz, asbestos etc.

Аn interesting method fог establishing the ions of Al3 +, Fe3+, CO2+, Cu2 + аnd Рb2 + has bееn devised bу F. М. Shemiakin and В. F. Chapigin, utilizing sedimentary and partition chromatography.

Е. N. Gapon and G. М. Shuvaeva have obtained sedimentary chromatograms of the Ag+, Рb2 +, Hg2 + and Вi3+ саtions bу using base Аl2O3 as а carrier and iodide as sedimentator. А method has bееn suggested bу К. М. Olshanova and V. D. Kopilova for Рb and Hg assessment on sedimentary chromatographic column with саrriеr base Аl2O3 and sedimentator K2Сr2O7. They point out that sedimentary chromatographic methods could bе successfully employed fоr quantitative determination of the ions indicated.

With а view to testing new possibllities fог quantitative determination of Рb2 +, we attempted the isolation of Рb2 + from а sample solution of Рb  (NO3)2 on а column with base Аl2O3 as саrriеr and Na2SO4 as sedimentator. Thereupon the рroblеm was to eluate Рb2+ from the column, where they are found as PbSO4 , and their titration in the solution. As а result of repeated research studies, the sodium acetate solution, alkalized with ammonia proved to bе most suitble for eluation. In the solution Рb2 + are determined titrimelrically with (NH 4)2 МоO4 according lo the Feinberg method with appropriate indlicator: Рb2+ + МоО42 –PbMoO4

The possibility was invesligated for Рb2+ isolation from а solution containing Cu2+, Cd2+, Fe3 +, Al3+ and Mg2+, as well as for the repeated utilization of the same column.

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