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Mineral composition of marine macroalgae from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Veselina Panayotova, Mona Stancheva


The present study focuses on the trace metal and mineral composition analysis of various seaweeds such as Chlorophyceae (Ulva rigida and Chaetomorpha linum), Phaeophyceae (Cystoseira barbata and Cystoseira crinita) and Rhodophyceae (Gelidium crinale) collected from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The concentration ranges found for each sample, were as follows: Na, 2.59-5.90; K, 0.28-10.9, Ca, 5.52-21.4; Mg, 2.31-4.22; Sr, 0.05-1.18 (in mg/g dw); Pb, 0.02-0.12; Cr, 0.02-0.33; Co, 0.02-0.15; Fe, 6.1-105; Zn, 1.30-3.80; Mn, 1.60-29.4; Cu, 0.24-0.91; As, 0.18-1.54; Ni, 0.04-0.11; Ba, 0.01-1.95; Se, 0.004-0.12 (in mg/100 g dw); Hg, 0.01-0.03 and Cd, 0.03-0.34 expressed in ìg/g dw. Among species analyzed, green algae Chaetomorpha linum and Ulva rigida showed the maximum contents of mineral elements such as Mg, Na, Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, As, Pb and Hg, red alga Gelidium crinale - Cu, Zn and Se, while brown algae Cystoseira barbata and Cystoseira crinita - Ni, Cd, Ca, K, Sr and Ba. Mineral composition of different Black Sea macroalgae species was found relatively higher as compared to the land vegetables as well as to other edible seaweeds. They could  herefore be used as food supplement or as a spice to improve the nutritive value in animal or human diet.


macroalgae; Black Sea; minerals

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About The Authors

Veselina Panayotova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Chemistry

Mona Stancheva
Medical University of Varna

Department of Chemistry

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