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Scripta Scientifica Medica

Vol 36 (2004)

Original Articles

System of Computer Analysis and Evaluation of Cerebral Morphological Changes After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Experimental Carbon Monoxide Intoxication in Rats PDF
D. Stavrev, H. Bozov 7-10
Total Antioxidant Capacity and Polyphenol Content Correlation in Aqueous-Alcoholic Plant Extracts Used in Phytotherapy PDF
Y. Kiselova, B. Galunska, D. Ivanova, T. Yankova 11-13
Effects of the Phenolic Antioxidant 2,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole (DTBHA) on Gastric Mucosal Damage and Lipid Peroxidation Status in Cold/Restraint Stressed Rats PDF
B. Galunska, K. Marazova, T. Yankova 15-19
TM-167: An Electrophoretic Investigation of Its Properties in Ultradiluted Aqueous Solutions PDF
G. D. Bontchev, G. A. Bojikov, P. I. Ivanov 21-24
Plasma and Erythrocyte Levels of Trace Elemеnts in Healthy Elderly PDF
V. Todorova, Tchankova P., V. Madjova 25-28
Radionuclide Estimation of Left Vetricle Myocardial Contractility in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure and Post-Infarction Cardiosclerosis PDF
Z. D. Rasulova, U. K. Kamilova, M. M. Khodjibekova 29-30
Dynamics of Antiphospholipid Syndrome in Patients with Resistant Epilepsy PDF
D. Minchev 31-32
Migraine and Cardiovascular Disorders PDF
D. Minchev 33-36
Elevated Plasma Levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Hepatocyte Growth Factor: Clinical Significance and Correlation with Tumor Burden in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia PDF
A. Zhelyazkova, L. Gercheva, L. Ivanova 37-42
Listeriosis in Neonates - A Microbiological Study PDF
T. Stoeva, K. Bozhkova, E. Radoslavova 43-44
Rhinitis in Early Childhood: Efficiency and Harmlessness of a New Intranasal Corticosteroid PDF
D. Marev 45-47
Morphological Changes in the Tissues Under The Action of Nd: YAG Laser in Peptic Ulcer Bleeding PDF
V. Ignatov, P. Ghenev, E. Kiryazov, N. Kolev 51-54
Investigation on the Effect of Application of Monopolar Electrocoagulation for Endoscopic Haemostasis in Bleeding Peptic Ulcers PDF
V. Ignatov, E. Kiryazov, N. Kolev 55-57
A Radial Island Forearm Flap - Opportunities for Covering of Skin Defects in the Region of Hand and Elbow Joint PDF
D. Boshnakov 59-60
Public Health Training Needs Assessment in Bulgaria: A Necessary and Continuous Process PDF
S. Popova, A. Kerekovska, N. Feschieva, I. Mircheva 61-64
International Visibility of Bulgarian Memory Research PDF
D. Tomov 65-69

Case Reports

Loss of Taste Induced by Methotrexate: A Case Report PDF
F. Georgieva 49-50

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