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Vol 49 (2017): Suppl 2. Abstracts of the XXIII Congress of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society, October 5-7, 2017, Varna, Bulgaria

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Some principles of brain evolution
W. Ovtscharoff 13
Chronic agomelatine treatment suppresses the kainate-induced glial reaction during epileptogenesis in rats
N. Lazarov, J. Tchekalarova, D. Atanasova 13
Kainate-induced changes and the effect of losartan on angiotensin AT1 receptor expression in limbic structures in a rat model of comorbid hypertension and epilepsy
A. Dandov, D. Atanasova, J. Tchekalarova, N. Ivanova, N. Lazarov 14
Astroglia and graft vascularization following intracerebral transplantation in a Parkinson`s disease model
N. Tomov, L. Surchev, C. Wiedenmann, M. Döbrössy, G. Nikkhah 15
SEM reveals filopodia-like protrusions in the early embryonic disc of the chick
L. Surchev, H. Sydow, C. Viebahn, N. Tsikolia 15
Orexin-A modulates neuronal network activity in vitro
I. Stoyanova, J. le Feber 16
Automated image processing of fluorescent images: the end to manual counting?
S. P. Pavlov, C. Thaller, A. Stoykova, G. Eichele, A. B. Tonchev 17
Homage to George E. Palade: the human body viewed as a multicrine system
G. N. Chaldakov 17
A correlation between postnatal changes in the expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in the rat myocardium and its morphological characteristics
A. Iliev, G. Kotov, B. Landzhov, L. Jelev, I. Dimitrova, D. Hinova-Palova 18
A comparative quantitative analysis of postnatal changes in cardiomyocites in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats
G. Kotov, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov, L. Jelev, V. Kirkov, K. Savova, D. Hinova-Palova 19
Arteria cystica anomalies in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Z. Turkyilmaz, Z. Hoscoskun, O. Taşkınalp 19
Relevance of the topographic localization of the peroneal superficial nerve before ankle arthroscopy
P. Penev, D. Raykov, M. Burnev, K. Ganchev, B. Belchev, M. Raykov 20
Transversal, sagittal and dorsal anatomical MRI study of the rabbit liver
K. Stamatova-Yovcheva, R. Dimitrov, D. Zlatareva, D. Kostov, D. Vladova, D. Yovchev, H. Hristov, O. G. Dilek 20
3D printers and medical education
E. Imre, A. Kayatekin, A. Yilmaz 21
Comparative study on finger-cun measurements of the acupuncture points PC6 and TW5
C. Bozer, S. Erpek 22
A comparison between directional (finger-cun) and proportional (proportional bone cun) methods in locating acupuncture points in the forearm
C. Bozer, S. Erpek 22
The relationship between kidney size and anthropometry
H. Akdere, G. Cevik, M. Karahan, A. Yimaz 23
New anthropometric measurements for predicting difficult intubation: the goniomastoid distance and the thyrogonial distance
M. E. Yilmaz, N. Süt, A. Colak, L. Ozturk, A. Yilmaz 24
Prediction of difficult intubation using tongue mobility
M. E. Yilmaz, A. Colak, N. Süt, L. Ozturk, A. Yilmaz 24
Sleep quality of the patients with lung cancer
B. Serez 25
Expression of GHSR1 in liver of dietetic manipulated rats
P. Hrischev, N. Penkova, P. Atanassova, K. Georgieva 26
Anatomical predispositions of masticatory apparatus and upper respiratory tract for development of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring
C. Madjova, S. Chokanov, Z. Ruseva, M. Milkov 26
Age-related changes of nNOS immunoreactivity in renal corpuscles of spontaneously hypertensive rats
S. Stanchev, A. Iliev, L. Malinova, B. Landzhov 27
Cyclin D1 and p53 and their expression in human Leydig cells during aging
D. Barbutska, I. Koeva 28
Lifestyle and environmental factors affecting fertility in men
M. Pencheva, I. Koeva 28
Measurement of ACE activity and its impact over male sterility
M. Pencheva, I. Koeva 29
Cell cultures in biocompatibility assessment of new materials for bone implants
I. Dankov, B. Andonova-Lilova, T. Jivkova, L. Dyakova, D. Dinev, A. Abudalleh, M. Georgieva, G. Miloshev, P. Basu, N. Saha, D. Rabadjieva, S. Tepavicharova, O. Alexandrov, R. Alexandrova 29
Development and steroidogenic capacity of adult Leydig cell population in experimental conditions of hyperglycemia and obesity
E. Pavlova, E. Lakova, S. Yochkova, M. Donchev, S. Popovska, K. Svechnikov, N. Atanassova 30
Application and optimization of a complex approach for identification of multi-target anticancer agents
T. Zhivkova, D. Dinev, L. Dyakova, M. Georgieva, G. Miloshev, G. Marinescu, G. Luchev, I. Pashapur, D. C. Culita, L. Patron, R. Alexandrova 31
Metal complexes of ursodeoxycholic acid and its metal complexes as potential antitumor agents against colon cancer
L. Dyakova, D. C. Culita, T. Zhivkova, G. Marinescu, M. Dimitrova, A. Nickolova, R. Kalfin, L. Patron, G. Kurteva, R. Alexandrova 32
Histological and quantitative evaluation of adult mouse spermatogenesis after acute treatment with sodium nitrite
E. Pavlova, D. Dimova, E. Petrova, Y. Gluhcheva, N. Atanassova 33
Ameliorative effect of salinomycin on some quantitative parameters of spermatogenesis in cadmium-intoxicated mice
E. Pavlova, J. Ivanova, D. Dimova, Y. Gluhcheva, E. Petrova, K. Kamenova, N. Atanassova 33
Perivascular adipose tissue
B. Mitkova, J. Sajan 34
Cytotoxic activity of new Zn(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) complexes with kojic acid
M. Glavcheva, Z. Petrova, T. Zhivkova, L. Dyakova, M. Georgieva, G. Miloshev, G. Marinescu, D. Culita, L. Patron, R. Alexandrova 35
Neuroanatomy of music therapy and hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation
G. Ozturk, S. Cikmaz, A. Yilmaz, L. Ozturk 35
Effects of kyotorphin on the morphological changes in the somatosensory cortex and meningeal blood vessels of Alzheimer`s disease model rats
B. Landzhov, H. Angelova, A. Iliev, S. Stanchev, L. Malinova, D. Pechlivanova, E. Dzhambazova 36
The carotid body and superior carotid ganglion in rats express angiotensin AT1 receptors
D. Atanasova, N. Dimitrov, A. Dandov, N. Lazarov 37
Structural plasticity in the adult brain during visual learning and memory tasks
F. Popova, A. Kovacheva, P. Garov, S. Sivkov 37
Nitric oxide-containing structures in the carotid body and superior cervical ganglion in rats
T. Kirov, D. Atanasova, N. Dimitrov, A. Dandov, N. Lazarov 38
Influence of thermal stress on the expression of CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the rat mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus
A. Ivanov, A. Dandov, D. Atanasova, N. Dimitrov, N. Lazarov 39
Nerve structures in Zusanli (ST36) acupoint in rats
N. Dimitrov, D. Atanasova, N. Tomov, A. Georgieva, J. Stoyanov, D. Sivrev, N. Lazarov 39
Zbtb20 may regulate the postnatal maturation of parvalbumin interneurons
D. Stoyanov, S. Pavlov, A. Stoykova, A. B. Tonchev 40
Neuroanatomy of romantic love and nerve growth factor as a love painkiller
S. Cikmaz, G. Ozturk, L. Ozturk, A. Yilmaz 40
The place of the virtual dissection table Sectra in anatomy lessons of medical students
A. Todorov, D. Marinova, S. Trifonov, S. Doseva, S. Yochkova, R. Dotsova, I. Gerasimov, T. Rashev, E. Ivanov 41
The correlation between Syntax Score and the severity of carotid artery disease
M. Erdogan, R. Akdemir, K. Karacan, M. Vatan 42
Assessment of sex differences in size and shape of foramen magnum on CT scans of Bulgarian adults
D. Toneva, S. Nikolova, I. Georgiev, S. Harizanov, D. Zlatareva, V. Hadjidekov, N. Lazarov 42
Application of the deblurring technique and segmentation on medical computed tomography (CT) images for improved visualization of the cranial sutures
S. Nikolova, S. Harizanov, D. Toneva, I. Georgiev, D. Zlatareva, V. Hadjidekov, N. Lazarov 43
Correlations between some anthropometric parameters, the lipid profile and glycated hemoglobin in Bulgarian men with type 2 diabetes mellitus
A. Baltadjiev, T. Petleshkova 44
The skeleton of Borov dol - mystery and reality
D. Sivrev, M. Minkova, N. Dimitrov, I. Ivanov 44
Age-related changes in body composition in Bulgarian women between 19 and 89 years of age
I. Ivanova-Pandourska, Y. Zhecheva, A. Dimitrova 45
Anthropometric upper limb asymmetry in 12-year-old tennis players
A. Dimitrova, I. Ivanova-Pandourska 45
Aesthetic analysis of facial anatomy
A. Yilmaz, S. Cikmaz, A. Z. Y. Kayatekin 46
Some variations of the liver blood supply
L. Jelev, S. Marangozov, K. Guirov 46
Creating 3D printed plastic models of the great saphenous vein system using angiographic and tomographic studies in norm and pathology
I. Maslarski, Y. Hodzhev, G. Gyulchev 47
Aortic arch aneurysm represented by 3D printing and simulation of fluid movement through it
I. Maslarski, Y. Hodzhev, G. Gyulchev 47
Radial artery variations in patients undergoing transradial heart catheterization
I. Dimitrova, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov 48
Renal arterial pattern varieties observed in gross anatomy lab
S. Novakov, N. Yotova, F. Gerginska 49
Functional beverages based on Aronia melanocarpa affect age-related aortic wall restructuring in rats
E. Daskalova, S. Delchev, L. Vladimirova-Kitova, P. Denev, M. Kratchanova, Ch. Kratchanov, S. Kitov, M. Kanarev 49
The evaluation of neck movements in young adults using three-dimensional ultrasound analysis
S. Cikmaz, O. Atasoy 50
Expression of glycogen synthase and glycogen content in skeletal muscles after administration of antiandrogens in endurance training of rats
F. Gerginska, S. Delchev, M. Shishmanova, K. Georgieva 51
The extensor medii proprius muscle
L. Malinova, S. Stanchev, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov 51
Artistic anatomy affecting the aesthetic perception of face morphometry
A. Yilmaz, G. Unver 52
Embalming techniques of the Renaissance period
M. Karahan, D. Donmez, S. Cikmaz 53
Colored silicone injection in cadaver studies
A. Z. Y. Kayatekin, G. Bozer, A. Yilmaz 53
Relationship between prostate volume and some anthropometric measurements
H. Akdere, G. Cevik, M. Karahan, S. Cikmaz, A. Yilmaz 54
What can the Golden Ratio tell us about facial beauty?
O. Taskinalp, A. Yilmaz 54
Presence of bronchial mast cells in the rat lung
I. Ivanova 55
New trends in S10 plastination technique
A. Georgieva, J. Stoyanov 55
Using alternate light source for sheet plastination
J. Stoyanov, A. Georgieva 56
Trigeminal artery and its clinical importance
D. Donmez, M. Karahan, A. Yilmaz 56
Hypoglossal artery and its clinical importance
D. Donmez, M. Karahan, S. Cikmaz 57
Da Vinci`s anatomical mistakes
D. Donmez, O. Taskinalp, A. Z. Y. Kayatekin 57
Anatomical peculiarities and morphometric characteristics of the intramural part of the porcine ureter
N. Tsandev, I. Stefanov, G. Kostadinov, A. Vodenicharov 58
A new combination: obesity surgery and acupuncture versus the disease of this century - obesity
A. Tardu, M. Yilmaz, A. Yilmaz 58
Topographic anatomy of acupuncture points on the head-neck area
A. Yilmaz, A. Sakul 59
The secret energy current of the human body: acupuncture meridians
A. Yilmaz, M. Donmez 59
Topographic anatomy of acupuncture points on the upper extremities
M. Donmez, A. Yilmaz, S. Cikmaz 60
Otic artery and its clinical importance
D. Donmez, E. Ulucam, M. Karahan 60
History of sinus cavernosus
M. Karahan, D. Donmez, B. Cigali 61
Prostate glandular parenchyma of men aged 36-60 years
I. Platsko, A. Usovich, D. Sivrev 61
Foramen sternale
A. Z. Y. Kayatekin, S. Cikmaz, O. Taskinalp 62
Bioartificial organs
P. Valchanov 62
Prolonged microglial activation following intracerebral transplantation in a Parkinson`s disease model
N. Tomov, L. Surchev, C. Wiedenmann, M. Döbrössy, G. Nikkhah 63
Co-localization of transcription factors Zbtb20 and Sox2 in germinative zones of a human fetal telencephalon
M. Angelova, D. Marinova, S. P. Pavlov, V. Mihaleva, M. Zhelezov, E. Kovachev, T. Kachovski, V. Ivanova, A. B. Tonchev 64
Fibroblastic cell subpopulations role during hepatic damаge
D. Tophuria, M. Matoshvili, D. Delibashvili, Beka Samkharadze 64
Morphological basis of the aging erythrocytes deformability
R. Khetsuriani, D. Tophuria, N Pruidze, S. Kandelaki 65
Liver stellate cells: magnificent characteristics in human cell biology
D. Tophuria, M. Matoshvili, D. Delibashvili, B. Samkharadze 66
Unique protective function of Kupffer cells
D. Tophuria, M. Matoshvili, D. Delibashvili, B. Samkharadze 66

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