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The oral cavity- reservoir of infection with Helicobacter pylori

Miglena Stamboliyska, Klara Dokova, Sirma Angelova, Asiqna Koleva, Marieta Bazitova


The oral cavity has been established as an entrance door and second ecological niche of Helicobacter pylori (HP). This question remains open - is the oral cavity a source of stomach infection or a cause of re-infection, recurrence or persistence of the infection? The aim of this study is to evaluate the frequency of HP infection into dental plaque and saliva on the base of performed screening, parallel and post-eradication investigation. In the context of this research the method of PCR has been implemented. In the course of the screening examination HP infection has been proved in 66% of all the cases. By the means of parallel investigation a combined infection has been confirmed in 62% of all the cases - presence of HP in the stomach and into the dental plaque. Concerning the HP infection into the dental plaque, it is in co-relation with both of the symptoms - periodontitis and halitosis. Taking into consideration these facts, we can conclude that oral cavity serves as a reservoir of infection, as well as a source for its tranfer into the stomach. Poor oral health status, including clinical findings of periodontitis and halitosis, have to be accepted as alarming markers for HP infection into the oral cavity and stomach. It is of great necessity for the patient to organize regular visits to the dentist for dental plaque control and tartar removal and maintenance of proper oral-dental condition as a measure of prevention of HP infection.


Helicobacter pylori infection; oral cavity; prevalence; PCR; dental plaque; combined HP infection

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Miglena Stamboliyska
Medical University of Varna

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Gastroenterology

Klara Dokova
Medical University of Varna

Faculty of Public Health, Department of Social Medicine and Health Care Organization

Sirma Angelova
Medical University of Varna

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Asiqna Koleva
Medical University of Varna

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Gastroenterology

Marieta Bazitova
Medical University of Varna

Faculty of Dental Medicine

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