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Application of platelet-rich plasma for alveolar ridge preservation. A review article

Ralitsa Yotsova, Stefan Peev, Rossen Kolarov


Bone quality and quantity are key prerequisites for dental implant surgery. The methods of reducing tissue resorption after tooth extraction are called alveolar ridge preservation and have recently gained increasing popularity. One of them is the application of autologous platelet concentrates. They release an abundance of growth factors with the potential to accelerate the healing process.


The present review aims to observe the application of platelet-rich plasma in postextraction dental sockets and evaluate its efficacy for hard and soft tissue healing and preservation according to the literature. We carefully analyzed, compared, and summarized the collected data and found numerous research and methodological gaps that can explain the heterogeneity in the studies.

The review is based on the existing scientific database and includes 222 studies. It provides a comparative analysis and guidelines for further research.

There is high heterogeneity among studies, regarding the effect of platelet concentrates and platelet-rich plasma in particular on alveolar ridge preservation. Most of them validate its beneficial impact on tissue healing and volumetric preservation, which facilitate the subsequent implant placement.      

The scientific data about the efficacy of platelet concentrates for soft tissue healing and preservation of the alveolar ridge are not univocal. Further research, longitudinal studies, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses are required to evaluate its efficacy and determine whether it is superior to other methods for socket preservation.


alveolar ridge preservation, autologous platelet concentrates, platelet-rich plasma

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Medical University of Varna

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Stefan Peev
Medical University of Varna

Department of Periodontology and Dental Implantology, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Rossen Kolarov
Medical University of Varna

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