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Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis

Vol 9, No 2 (2023)

Cover and Content PDF


Factors influencing the communication between dental specialists and patients PDF
Gergana Georgieva, Sabina Keremedchieva, Mihael Enchev 7-10
Glandular odontogenic cyst—a review of characteristic features, treatment, and recurrence PDF
Varvara-Velika Rogova, Tihomir Georgiev 11-19
The most common causes of endodontic failure PDF
Tsvetelina Borisova-Papancheva, Ana-Mariya Miteva 20-26
Microleakage in composite and ceramic restorations—a review of staining protocols PDF
Sabina Keremedchieva, Stefan Peev 27-34

Original Articles

Optimization of a metallographic methodology for the study of laser-melted layers of austenitic stainless steel PDF
Tsanka Dikova, Natalina Panova, Ivaylo Parushev 35-41
Accuracy and reliability of lower dental arch reconstructions PDF
Konstantin Kostadinov, Stefan Peev 42-60
Marginal adaptation of ceramic inlays—an in vitro study PDF
Sabina Keremedchieva, Stefan Peev, Ivaylo Parushev 61-67

Case Reports

Etiological spectrum of odontogenic and non-odontogenic abscesses in oral and maxillofacial surgery PDF
Yanko Yankov, Iliana Mechkarova 68-74

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