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Preparing patients for handicap-stage assessment and the challenges for the general medical practice

Paraskeva Mancheva, Desislava Vankova


General Practitioners (GPs) face a variety of administrative challenges during their daily work. One of them is the growing number of patients who demand assessment for a handicap stage from the Territory Expert Medical Commissions (TEMC). The General Medical Practice (GMP) is the starting point of the Expert Decision (ED) procedure. GMP is also the place where the patients come back with questions about the patients` rights which they obtain receiving ED. The people with disabilities have to traverse a difficult way in order to receive a handicap stage (percentage). The key to success is competent preparation of the patient by the GMP for the TEMC-examination. This also is a guarantee of the normal functioning of the whole System for Medical Expertise of Working capacity (MEW). The continuous medical education of the GPs is an opportunity to enrich and update their knowledge and competences about MEW-procedures. The long-term strategy is to guarantee the patient` rights which are explicitly formulated by the law. As a result, justified patients` complains will be avoided. The overall aim of the presented synopsis is to explore the process of preparing patients for handicap stage assessment by GMP and the challenges which face a GMP related to this process. The methods used are: meta-analysis of legal and medical documents for disability assessment; and participatory research method e.g. follow up of the patients` path and the procedures in TEMC. On the bases of this study recommendations are proposed referred to the effectiveness of the MEW-procedure and the role of GMP in the disability stage assessment process.


general medical practice; medical expertise for working capacity; handicap; territory expert medical commission

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Desislava Vankova

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