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Application of the principles of integrated care in department of endocrinology and metabolism diseases at the hospital St. Marina Varna

Galina Petrova, Todorka Kostadinova, Fani Petrova, Emilia Georgieva


The article presents the principles of integrated care applied in the treatment of patients with diabetes in the Department of Endocrinology at the University Hospital "St. Marina" Varna. An important point in the treatment of diabetes is customer orientation. The increased life expectancy, the aging population and the cost of treatment of patients with diabetes, both globally and in Bulgaria, prompted the need for the development of integrated care. Integrated care focuses on ensuring continuous care for patients with diabetes by multidisciplinary teams.


integrated care; type 2 diabetes; multidisciplinary team; endocrinology

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Mutafova E, T Kostadinova, Integrated care - the new paradigm in healthcare. Health Economics and Management. 2002;2.

Bohchelyan-Hrachmeriyan Hr, Madzhova V, Angelova L, et al. Let's talk about diabetes. Varna; 2009 .



About The Authors

Galina Petrova
Medical university of Varna

Chief assistant professor, Department of Economics and Management of Health, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University Varna

Todorka Kostadinova
Medical university of Varna

Professor, department of economics and management of health, faculty of public health, Medical university of Varna

Fani Petrova


Emilia Georgieva
Medical college of Varna

Assistant, training and research sector Medical laboratory assistant, Medical college of Varna

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