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Attitudes to specialization of patronage nurses from the Center for Maternal and Child Health, to work with children with special needs

Tamara Angelova Tcvetkova, Sonya Toncheva


Various problems in the process of social integration of children with psycho-physical disabilities stem from the family. The birth of a child with mental or physical disorders causes very strong, negative emotions in parents and relatives. As a result, it violates the relationships within the family as well as all interpersonal relations. The purpose of this study is to explore attitudes towards specialization of visiting nurses from the Center for Maternal and Child Health (CMCH) Shumen for work with children with special needs. An inquiry among 25 medical professionals working in the framework of UNICEF project as visiting nurses at CMCH Shumen in the period March to April 2013 has proved this necessity.  The main reason for their choice of specialization is improved possibilities for professional realization according to the majority (60.0%) of the respondents. None of them chose the answer `by chance` as a cause for qualification and only one pointed out that she had no `special motivation`.


children; special needs; education; patronage nurses; specialization

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Tamara Angelova Tcvetkova
Medical University of Varna факултет по обществено здравеопазване катедра здравни грижи

преподавател катедра здравни грижи

Sonya Toncheva


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