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Lowering Bulgarian physicians` emigration - potential for immediate action

Stefaniya Bekyarova


The best human resources for every healthcare system are its own. There should be active polices at all levels of the system for their preservation. Findings of a study of Bulgarian physicians' emigration (1991 - 2004) to be presented in the paper reveal that low-cost and immediate steps for lowering migration potential could be made by taking advantage of human resources management at level healthcare facility. The paper also discusses an attempt to `meet` healthcare managers and human resources professionals and acquaint them with the benefits of their cooperation. An idea is suggested of how to effectively develop team work between the two professional groups.


physicians' migration; lowering migration potential; human resources management

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Working materials, Round table`Emigration of Bulgarian physicians and management of human resources - interconnections and practical solutions`, Varna, 16 March 2012. Unpublished.



About The Author

Stefaniya Bekyarova
Medical University of Varna

Department of social medicine and health care organisation, Faculty of public health

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