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Medical tourism in the eyes of the students

Mariana Albert, Beni Asanova


INTRODUCTION: The high production rate and the introduction of modern technologies in all spheres of human activity have become a prerequisite for the development of chronic hypodynamia and the increasing mental stress. Medical tourism is a wonderful way of improving the health state of those in need belonging to various age groups, locals or foreigners, using the rich natural and geographical resources of our country. For quality customer service the specific vocational training of rehabilitators is of essential significance.

AIM: To determine through a questionnaire survey whether students are familiar with the current trends of this new sector in providing health services and whether they want to work in the field of medical tourism.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Second- and third-year students majoring in rehabilitation at the Medical College `Y. Filaretova`, Sofia were the target of the study.

RESULTS: The results showed that the students are actively interested in the innovations and 45% of them would work in the field of medical tourism with permanent employment, good payment and standardized working hours.

CONCLUSIONS: Important conclusions about medical tourism through the eyes of students have been drawn.


rehabilitators, medical tourism, working hours

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About The Authors

Mariana Albert
Medical College `J. Filaretova`

Beni Asanova
Medical University - Sofia

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