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Research on the awareness of pregnant women about diet during pregnancy

Todorka Boeva, Rumyana Laleva


A good diet during pregnancy is a key to the healthy growth of the fetus. After the first trimester of the pregnancy, the body needs 300 extra calories per day, especially in the later stages when the baby grows quickly. Every woman should put on some extra weight during pregnancy. Healthy weight gain is obtained from healthy foods, which are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Correct nutrition during pregnancy protects both the health of the mother and the baby. It contributes largely to the healthy development of the pregnancy and for its successful outcome - a birth of a healthy, vital and normal-weight baby. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy is connected with complications such as diabetes, hypertension, Cesarean section, and macrosomia.

AIM: The aim of this research was to evaluate the awareness of pregnant women about diet during pregnancy.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We used an author questionnaire with open- and closed-ended questions. The study included 46 pregnant women who visited the Antenatal Care Unit at Ambulatory Medical Center for Primary Care `St. Anthony` and Medical Center `Petinka Tsvetkova`.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data obtained it was found that the majority of respondents are aware of proper nutrition during pregnancy (93%). More than half said that they have received sufficient information (65%), 11% were not informed, and those who could not decide were 24%. The data showed that pregnant women prefer to receive information on the proper diet from more than one source. Sources that pregnant women are likely to use are graded as follows: the most preferred one is their obstetrician - 34%; independent advice from a midwife - 24%; antenatal care - 19%. The Global Network (Internet) is indicated by 17% of respondents; the use of brochures as a source ranks last - 6%. More than half of the respondents indicated that supplements and vitamins should be taken only in case of a deficit (52%); those who think they have to be taken in any case are 44%. Normal weight gain of 11-14 kg during pregnancy is indicated by 53%, according to 44% of the respondents gaining weight differs from person to person.

CONCLUSIONS: The majority of pregnant women are aware of the correct diet during pregnancy. The preferred sources for obtaining information are diverse, which gives grounds to conclude that additional measures are necessary to make the midwife a source of information for pregnant women. It is encouraging that more than half of the respondents indicated normal weight gain in the range of 11-14 kg.


pregnant, diet, awareness

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About The Authors

Todorka Boeva
Medical University of Varna

Department of Health Care, Faculty of Public Health

Rumyana Laleva
Medical University of Varna

Department of Health Care, Faculty of Public Health

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