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Preventon of childhood diabetes in school environment: awareness of families

Mariana Zhelyazkova, Silvia Borisova, Ivan Dimitrov


INTRODUCTION: Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in school-age children. The families of these children need information about the specifics of the disease. Given the incidence rate of the disease on one hand, and factors such as the trend for unhealthy eating habits in children and the decrease in physical activity, on the other, prevention should play a key role when working with parents. This could be of great importance for the decrease of the morbidity rate. Thus, support for the parents by healthcare professionals would be appropriate in the school environment.

AIM: To assess the knowledge of families about diabetes in school-age children, and to promote the prevention and prophylaxis of the disease with the involvement of nurses.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A survey has been conducted amongst parents of school children. The level of awareness about the disease and the needs of the families have been assessed.

RESULTS: Families are not always educated well enough about diet (68%), physical activity (43%), and the role of heredity (48%) as a factor in the development of diabetes. The most trusted healthcare professionals are usually the school nurse, the family physician and the psychologist.

CONCLUSION: The support with regard to prevention of diabetes would facilitate the families and will aid in improving the lifestyle of school-age children. The data from our study reveal the level of awareness of families regarding diabetes in school environment and stimulate support to prevent the disease.


awareness, family, support, diabetes, school, nurse

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About The Authors

Mariana Zhelyazkova
Medical University of Varna

Sliven Affiliate

Silvia Borisova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Health Care, Faculty of Public Health

Ivan Dimitrov
Medical University of Varna

Sliven Affiliate

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