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Mineral water from spring Px-6 - physico-chemical characteristics and indications for use

Evgeniya Petrova Vladeva


The aim of the article is to present full physiochemical analyses of the mineral water from spring Px-6 which is used for the treament of patients in the Clinic of Thalassotherapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Saints Constantine and Helena resort, the indications for use of that water and the main benefits that may occur after treatment.

Full physico-chemical analyses show significant stability in the composition of the components. Combining physical exercises, electrotherapy, hot packs with lye or other kind of physical factors with balneotherapy is highly effective for the treatment of different disorders. The use of water for prophylaxis, wellness and recreation in healthy people is not excluded. Contraindications are limited.

Though the positive effect of water from spring Px-6 is proven concerning its physico-chemical characteristics and our own experience, more scientific researches should be conducted to increase the evidence of the benefits of this water and its further optimal use for prophylaxis, treatment and wellness.


physico-chemical characteristics; spring; mineral water; balneotherapy; indications for use

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About The Author

Evgeniya Petrova Vladeva
Department of Thalassotherapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Occupational Diseases, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Varna

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