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Toxocarosis (Larva Migrans Visceralis) in Adult Patients

Simona Panteleymonova, Elizabet Miladinva, Aleksandra Gerasimova, Tatyana Cvetkova, Kalina Stoyanova


Introduction: Toxocarosis (LMV) is an infection caused by Toxocara spp. Dogs, cats, foxes and other animals play a general role in the transmission and people are accidently infected by ingesting eggs from the environment. In the majority of studies children are identified as a risk group due to their improper hygiene. Increased threat of exposure exists in some professions - veterinarians, zoo technicians, animal shelter employees, etc. Most common symptoms include headache, fever, coughing/wheezing, asthma, urticarial rush, strabismus, liver enlargement, abdominal pain, inflammation of the lungs, weight loss and others. The aim is to present two clinical cases of VLM in adult patients in which the diagnosis is confirmed years after the manifestation of the initial symptoms.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective analyses of the clinical history, the course of the infection and the laboratory results were performed. 

Results: In patient A, the clinical course was comprised of recurring bronchitis, urticarial rashes, dyspepsia and psychopathic episodes for more than 3 years. In patient B for more than 10 years various allergic episodes were observed. The positive ELISA-IgG antibodies for Toxocara spp. were the base for establishing the diagnosis. In both cases the positive results were confirmed by Western blot assay. After the definition of the diagnosis the patients were successfully treated with antiemetic agents.

Conclusion: The unspecific clinical signs of VLM and the exclusion of the individuals outside the risk groups can result in misdiagnosis, unnecessary treatment and deterioration of the quality of life of the infected. The correct diagnosis and proper etiological treatment gives a chance for complete health recovery.


toxocarosis, larva migrans visceralis, infection



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