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Stefanie Degen, Maria Dolores, Alexander Hinev, Faidra Marazaki, Navneet Magon


Introduction: With estimated 85 million unintended pregnancies, currently occurring annually worldwide, half of which end in abortion and 13% in miscarriage, the need of an effective, long-lasting, devoid of side effects and complications male contraceptive is evident. The aim of the present study was to summarize the various methods and techniques currently applied in male contraception; to evaluate their pros and cons, and to compare them with those of Vasalgelâ„¢ - a male contraceptive recently developed in the US.

Materials and Methods: A comprehensive PubMed search using the keyword `male contraception` was performed. Articles, published in full text, as well as published in the official journals of EUA, AUA and SIU, were extracted and analysed. Special attention was given to Vasalgelâ„¢.

Results: Various methods and techniques for male contraception are described in the current literature: from male condoms, spermicides, periodic abstinence and withdrawal to hormonal contraceptives and vasectomy. However, they have their limitations and side effects. The demand for a non-hormonal, highly effective male contraceptive is increasing, to reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and their related sequelaes. Our study shows that appears to be effective by blocking sperm from passing through the vas deferens as its primary mode of action. The product might be easily flushed from the vasa deferentia to restore the sperm flow, if necessary.

Conclusion: The present review confirms that Vasalgelâ„¢ is a perspective, highly effective, novel non-hormonal male contraceptive that has the potential to gain wide popularity among men in the near future, especially in developing countries. Further studies on animals and humans, however, assessing the safety and durability of the Vasalgelâ„¢ block, as well as the success in flushing the gel from the vasa deferentia to return sperm flow, are sorely needed.


male contraception, Vasalgelâ„¢



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