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Using of VAC pack dressing for temporary closure of an open abdomen

Vasil Dimitrov, Elina Merashka, Nikola Bonchev, Gergana Ivanova, Dobromir Nguen


Introduction: The open abdomen has become a common procedure in the management of complex abdominal problems and has improved patient survival. The major problem in managing the open abdomen is control of intra-abdominal fluid secretion, facilitation of abdominal re-exploration and preservation of the fascia for abdominal wall closure. The method of temporary abdominal closure (TAC) may play a role in the patient outcome. Over the years, negative pressure wound therapy has become an increasingly popular technique for temporary abdominal closure and has been widely used by surgeons. VAC pack dressing for temporary abdominal closure is a simple method utilizing dressing supplies that are readily available in any operating room.

Materials and Methods: We have performed a literature review of the scientific topic using the PubMed and Springer link databases. We also show our experience with the using of VAC pack dressing for temporary abdominal closure.

Results: Our initial experience shows that increasing primary fascia closure, reducing the formation of enteroatmospheric fistulas, reduced mortality prevents abdominal compartment syndrome. It also allows for the control and measurement of abdominal fluid drainage. The use of this system is in its initial phase and we still do not have the amount of cases usually considered statistically significant. 

Conclusion: VAC pack therapy is a safe and effective modality in the treatment of an open abdomen and should be considered in the treatment of this problem. Using VAC pack dressing is associated with significantly higher primary fascia closure and lower mortality among the patients who require an open abdomen.


VAC pack, open abdomen, temporary abdominal closure



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