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Cervical Cancer Nowadays. Research of Prevention and Awareness of Women Between 18-35 Years of Age

Dragomir Ivanov, Mustafa Dzhambazov, Stefan Stefanov, Tsonka Dimitrova


Introduction: Cervical cancer is the most frequently observed cancerous disease in women, right after breast cancer. Fortunately, modern science offers effective and easily accessible methods for diagnosing the disease, which increases the percentage of successful treatments. But are women aware of these methods? The aim of this study is to examine how informed the women  are about cervical cancer. The acquired data is directed towards the prevention of the disease.

Materials and Methods: The study began in 2017, in the form of an online survey, taken by 100 female volunteers. The lowest age limit for the participants is 18, and the highest is 35. The survey contains 7 questions. Statistical and graphic methods are used to process the data.

Results: We started the study with questions targeting the reasons which cause the disease. A high percentage of the women - 93% know that HPV is the cause for cervical cancer; 78% of the participants are aware that the virus is sexually transmitted. The next questions covered the testing for early diagnosis of the disease. 56% of the participants visit a gynecologist once or twice per year, the rest shared that they rarely (21%) or never (23%) visit a gynecologist. 70% of the participants know about PAP-tests and 55% of them get tested. The last question has to do with the precautions that our volunteers would take to prevent getting infected. Only 8% would get vaccinated , 9% would use contraceptives, 20% would visit the gynecologist on a regular basis and 63% would choose all options.

Conclusion: The study shows that the women are well-acquainted with the cause of the disease and the ways to get tested. There is a positive tendency, connected to the prevention of the disease.


cervical cancer, prevention, awareness



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