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A social study on the oral health, level of competence and periodontal health of population in Varna

Greta Georgieva, Miroslav Stoykov, Martin Iliev, Alexander Mihaylov, Stefan Peev


Introduction: Plaque-induced gingivitis is an inflammation of the gingiva resulting from bacteria lo­cated at the gingival margin. Gingivitis is reversible with good oral hygiene. Nevertheless, without treatment, it can progress to periodontal disease, which leads to tissue destruction and alveolar bone resorption. Gingivitis does not always develop into periodontal disease. However periodontal dis­ease is always preceded by gingivitis. The objective of the present work is to establish a correlation be­tween oral hygiene and periodontal diseases, and the level of competence of the population in Varna, regarding periodontal treatment.

Materials and Methods: The information is collected via an anonymous questionnaire. The poll con­sists of 10 multiple-choice and open ended questions, associated with self-assessment of the condition of the oral cavity, oral hygiene habits and previously undergone periodontal treatment of the partic­ipants.

Results: A total of 519 people participate in the study, 174 male (33,5%) and 345 female (66,5%). The mean age is 38,27, with a standard deviation of ±13,96, a median of 36 and a range of 60 years (16- 76). 211 of the participants (40,9%) report gingival inflammation, which consists of swelling, bleed­ing or recession. There is no significant relation between gingival inflammation and age or hygiene habits. 109 of the participants (21,1%) report loss of alveolar bone tissue, with a 26.02% higher inci­dence rate in males.

Conclusion: No true correlation between periodontal health and oral hygiene habits is established in this study, however there is a tendency for healthier participants to present a higher number of in­stances of brushed teeth per week. Maintenance of plaque control is nevertheless vital to the preven­tion and treatment of periodontal diseases. A continuous collaboration between patients and dentists is the basis of such therapeutic procedures.


plaque; gingivitis; parodontitis; oral hygiene; treatment



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