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Behaviour and attitudes of students at the Medical University - Varna to voting

Viktoriya Zhivkova, Kristina Dimitrova, Lyubomira Koeva-Dimitrova


Introduction: Voting is a fundamental mechanism for citizens` control over public policies develop­ment, including those in healthcare. Therefore, the citizens` behaviour and attitudes to voting are of crucial importance for public development and democracy. Special research interest in this regard falls on the young perspective people. The aim of this research is to shed a light on the behaviour and attitudes of the students in MU Varna to voting. More specifically we examine whether the students vote based on candidates` platforms and how are they satisfied with the subsequently implemented policies.

Materials and Methods: A sociological survey is conducted among Bulgarian and German students of the Medical University - Varna. The questionnaire consists of 11 open and closed questions. A total of 350 students took a part in the survey (200 Bulgarian students and 150 German students). The survey was conducted in December 2017 to January 2018.

Results: More than 60% of the Bulgarian students and nearly 70% of the German students have vot­ed in parliamentarian elections in their home country. More than 70% of all respondents voted after a research on the candidates` election platforms. Over 40% of the Bulgarian students are dissatisfied with the conducted policies after the elections. In contrast, approximately 55% of the German stu­dents declare they have been satisfied with policies implemented after the elections.

Conclusion: Students in general have an active civil stance. Most of them vote, informed from the can­didates` platforms. However, satisfaction with the policies implemented after the elections vary sig­nificantly between Bulgarian and German students with Bulgarian students being much more dis­satisfied.


state budget; students; satisfaction; public goods



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