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Possibilities for development of the market management in diagnostic and advisori center St. Ivan Rilski Varna

Galina Petrova, Denko Zagorchev, Todorka Kostadinova


The publication aims to represent a research regarding the contentment of patients and physicians - specialists, in Diagnostics and advisory center ‘St. Ivan Rilski` - Varna, as well as the possibilities for development of the market management in the said Diagnostic and advisory center. The information is gathered through an inquiry among patients and employees of the said health institution (HI). Prevailing are satisfactory responses and opinions among both groups. The development of the market management of Diagnostic and advisory center `St. Ivan Rilski` EOOD Varna is connected with the design of a market strategy for the supply of new products with high market growth and possibilities for reinvestment of financial funds in them.


маркетинг, мениджмънт, удовлетвореност, пациенти, медицински специалисти

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