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Characteristics of the services in the spa and wellness centers in Varna destination

Galina Petrova, Todorka Kostadinova


The following article aims to reveal some advantages, disadvantages and opportunities for development of SPA and wellness centers in Varna. The main factors for the growth of SPA and wellness services in the city are presented. Classification of the types of centers is made on the basis of the main therapeutic, recreational and beauty methods applied in the SPA centers. Semi-structured interviews among eleven SPA center managers in Varna are made and the results from them reveal that the main consumers of the above mentioned types of services are in the age group 40-65 and are mainly women. The wide range of therapeutic and recreational methods in SPA centers in Varna as well as the combination of mineral water and pleasant climate conditions allows the city to become a good SPA, wellness and recreational tourism.


СПА, уелнес, услуги, здравен туризъм

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