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Clinico>statistical study of patients with Diseases related with an increased risk for Ischemic stroke lbased on the material of first Clinic of neurology, st. Marina university Hospital of varnar

Daniela Arabadzhieva


In the present paper, the results from the clinical analysis of the patients with ischemic stroke and diagnosed risk diseases were analysed. During the period from 2007 to 2012, a total of 960 patients who had survived ischemic stroke, 456 males (47,50%) and 504 females (52,50%), aged between 32 and 94 years and hospitalized in the First Clinic of Neurology, St. Marina University Hospital of Varna, were examined. Some cerebrovascular, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases belonged to the most common pathology related with enhanced risk for ischemic stroke. The patients within the age groups between 40 and 59 years represented a considerable part among this contingent. There were statistically significant differences between males and females concerning the incidence rate of heart rhythm disturbances (p<0,001). A further more detailed analysis of the mutual relationships between ischemic stroke and the diseases related with higher risk for it will be carried out.


ischemic stroke; cerebrovascular diseases; cardiovascular diseases; risk factors; hospital morbidity rates; city of Varna

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