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Opportunities for creation of Telemedicine Centres of diagnostic imaging - a new approach in Contemporary Public Health in Bulgaria. a regional project in Dobrich Region

Biserka Pacholova, Strashimir Genev


The article presents the opportunities of e-h ealth telematics and telemedicine in the context of European eHealth initiatives. The practical application of digitalization in the field of diagnostic imaging in the creation of a regional telemedicineimaging centre in Dobrich Region is considered. The reasons for establishing the centre facing the negative health and demographic indicators, poor infrastructure, remoteness to hospitals and insufficient number of specialists in diagnostic imaging and radiologic technologists are presented. The information is systematized according to the already implemented and currently functioning systems worldwide and could meet the medical standards of communication. Several benefits for the region are highlighted such as improving the access of population to medical imaging aid that is characterized by the required timeliness, continuity and quality, ensuring equi table patients` medical service as well as positive health and socio-economic impact.


electronic health; diagnostic imaging; telemedicine; telemedicine-imaging centre; Dobrich Region; effectiveness

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