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Prevention of Hypotrophy in Children with Disabilities in `Faith, Hope And Love` Home for Medical and Social Care for Children of the Town of Bourgas

Svetlana Geogrieva, Radoslava Dimitrova, Gergana Angelova-Popova


A child with disability is a severe problem for both parents and physicians. There are different degrees of disability leading to delay of physical and mental development. There is no perspective for a considerable improvement of the health status in a small group of children. Thus they need a specialized social support system because of their predisposition to hypotrophy. In this study, an inquiry investigation of medical staff engaged with specialized care for disabled children with hypotrophy was carried out. Some opportunities for hypotrophy prevention in the children with disabilities in ‘Faith, Hope and Love` Home for Medical and Social Care for Children of the town of Bourgas, one of the few institutions in this field in Bulgaria, were revealed and discussed.


disability; hypotrophy; children; prevention; inquiry

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