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Highlights in formation of policy of public relations and development of corporate image of hospital

Mila Georgieva Dimitrova


Introduction: In different periods of the history to the public relations (PR) were assigned various tasks - mobilizing population in hostilities, discredit political opponents, imposing religious ideas, sell products, information dissemination. Using PR is already mandatory for any organization that wants to create a positive image in the community, to attract followers and to realize its objectives.

Objective: to present the essence, methodology and experience in the PR policies and the establishment of corporate image of modern Bulgarian hospital.

Material and Methods: We studied literature and borrowed the experience of the largest university hospital in northeastern Bulgaria - University Hospital „St. Marina` - Varna.

Results and discussion: highlighted are the basic concepts and methodology for PR. Tactics of PR and corporate image that modern hospital may apply for creating image in the public are presented and in particular:

1. Media Relations;

2. Own media;

3. Corporate Identity;

4. Special events;

5. Exhibitions and fairs;

6. Sponsorship;

7. Advertising;

8. Leaders of public opinion;

9. Corporate Citizenship (Public Affairs);

10. Investor Relations.

Conclusions: Knowledge and application of PR to form a corporate image of the hospital is important to create the desired image by the hospital managers. A positive image of the hospital is essential to achieve a leadership position and successful performance of the hospital, both on the national and the European healthcare market.


връзки с обществеността, болници, стейкхолдери, имидж, методология, тактики.

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