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Study of the use of Echinacea - Containing immunostimulants of plant origin in Bulgaria

Ginka Kolarova, Stefka Valcheva-Kuzmanova


Immunostimulants of plant origin are effective for the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases. The aim of this study was to explore the available on the market in Bulgaria pharmaceuticals and food supplements containing Echinacea, to analyze the sales of such products and through a questionnaire method to investigate pharmacists` opinions for their use. Echinacea- containing products available on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria were found out. The sales of such products were analyzed by collection of sales data from 40 pharmacies in Varna and 20 pharmacies in Shumen for the period September 2014 - October 2015. One hundred pharmacists from the same cities were interviewed. The results showed a great variety of immunostimulants containing Echinacea on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria. Three of them are registered as pharmaceuticals and more than 40 are available as food supplements. The pharmaceuticals have a relatively larger sales share than food supplements. According to pharmacists, when choosing a product the highest percentage of consumers are guided by the content, the next decisive factor is the price followed by the consultation with a pharmacist. The greatest demand for products containing Echinacea is during the autumn-winter season when there is a higher incidence of infections.


Ехинацея, имуностимулатори, лекарствени продукти, хранителни добавки, употреба, България; Keywords: Echinacea, immunostimulants, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, use, Bulgaria

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