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Private health expenditures and inequities in access to health services in Bulgaria

Maria Rohova


Introduction: The equity in access to health services depends on private expenditures on health. The aim of the study is to analyse financial burden of health expenditures on households and to assess the social-economic inequities in access to health services in Bulgaria.

Material and Methods: The current study relies on health expenditures analyses and their impact on access to health services. Data are provided from the National Statistical Institute, World Health Organisation, Eurostat, etc. and from different other studies. Results and Discussion: During the last years, private health expenditures in Bulgaria have been continuously growing and their financial burden for the households has been increasing. The share of private expenditures on health is between 41 and 48% of total expenditures. The relative financial burden is higher for the households with lower income. Different studies show that the share of private spending creates barriers in access to health services especially for vulnerable groups.

Conclusions: The results confirm the conclusion that the principles of solidarity and equity are disturbed. The Bulgarian health system doesn`t offer financial protection to the population. The private expenditures in Bulgaria are higher than the international standards and this creates barriers in access to health services and health inequities.


разходи за здравеопазване, равнопоставеност, достъп, неудовлетворени потребности.

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