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Problem of smoking among students from fifth grade and the role of nurse in school health office

Radostina Zhecheva, Tamara Tsvetkova


The majority of students surveyed confirmed their responses to the importance of the role of the school nurse for effective implementation of prevention of smoking (76.29%). More than half of the students surveyed indicated that they disapproval of their parents will be angry a lot when they realize that smoking (57.77%). Teenagers approved ban on smoking in public places for correct (73.09%). Students are aware that smoking harms and much indicates that it is a bad habit (68.64%). According to the opinion survey students` ways to solve the problem of smoking are basically two: strict laws (73%) and public engagement aimed at prevention (36.54%). The main factors that influence the risk behavior of young people: friendly round (43.95%), family environment (33.57%), education (68.39%), easy access to tobacco products (94.32%), direct and indirect advertising (36.54%), emulation and financial provision of the students (29.13%). The role of the school nurse is outlined on the basis of Decree № 3 of 27.04. 2000. and Ordinance № 1 on 08.02.2011 issued by the Ministry of Health.


prevention, smoking, school nurse, students, child smoking prevention

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