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Physioterapeutic view on the management of low back pain

Gergana Nenova, Silvyia Filkova, Nikolay Nedev


Back pain is a common problem in the physiotherapy practice. The percentage of the people affected reaches 80%. The medical and social significance of the issue is determined by the fact that these crises are found mainly in the working age patients. The temporary incapacity for work and disability as a result of failed or untimed rehabilitation, cause huge losses to the economy, the healthcare and the social security systems. The choice of an effective approach by any patient with Low back pain (LBP) is a serious challenge in the daily work of the health professionals.

The aim of this study is to present the physiotherapeutic look on the management of low back pain. The results of the study show that the treatment through movement is an essential instrument in the plan of the integrated care for patients with low back pain. The plan is provided by a broad multidisciplinary team of specialists - a doctor, an orthopedist, a physiotherapist, a neurosurgeon, a specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation and others. An individual physioterapeutic schedule is arranged. Training with the right posture, gait and creating useful motor skills in the chronic phase of the disease will lead to a change in the lifestyle, reduction of the relapses and reduction of the disability risk.


physiotherapy, management, back pain, disability

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