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State anxiety among ship crewmembers

Tеodora Dimitrovа, Tsvetelina Tarpomanovа


The specific conditions of the environment on board are coasting a serious hesitation to the mental health of the seaman. The aim of the survey is to explore the connection between the temporary anxiety of the seaman and the conditions of the working environment. Some of the physiological and pathological characteristics of the health status and components from the lifestyle of seaman. Respondents were 129 seaman -127 males and 2 females in the age between 44,64+/-10,45 y.o. We found statistically significant correlations between the situational anxiety and different aspects of the psychological functioning of the seaman - the neuro-psychological tension, conflicts and not having enough time. In order to lessen the situational anxiety among seaman there is the need of optimizing the organization of the work in order for them to have more hours of sleep, reducing the amount of overtime work and the extended work shifts, improving the communicational leadership abilities of seaman.


state anxiety, maritime work environment

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