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Anthropological pollution of the black sea cost waters

Hristianna Romanova, Teofan Kuyumdziev


Anthropological pollution of the Black Sea coast analysis tells about the main anthropogenic factors leading to the pollution of the Black Sea. The main types of toxic discharges are nitrogen, phosphorus, oil and its derivatives, as well as the waste water. The biggest polluters of the Black Sea are Danube river as well as the countries Romania and Ukraine.

The documents and the directives of the European Union and the Member States related to the water sector are researched. A good interaction of the different institutions is made to deal with humanitarian disasters and the general pollution of the waters of the Black Sea.

To reduce the anthropogenic pollution of the waters in the Black Sea international efforts are made. There is a significant pollution and it continues despite the directives, the regulations and the control. It is also necessary to increase the environmental awareness of the society.


water pollution, anthropogenic pollution of the Black sea

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