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Professional distress among working midwives

Slavena Ilieva, Valia Dimitrova, Silvia Ruseva


The harmful factors in the work environment are mainly categorized as physical and psychosocial. They have both direct and indirect/psychological influence on human health. Psychosocial stressors arise as a result of a mismatch between the working environment, working process, the overall organization of work in the hospital and the microclimate in the same environment.

Aim: To estimate the level of professional stressors and the reason that triggers an increase in the stress levels among working midwives.

Materials and Methods: The survey was conducted among midwives in MHAT St. Anna and SHOGAT Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov - Varna (32). The survey took place in June, 2016.

The used theoretical methods were - documentary, statistical - surveys and graphical analysis. Results and Discussion: Professional distress among midwives is caused by various factors in the work environment, which interact among themselves and are mainly psychoscocial by nature.

The respondents indicate mental workload as the more common stress cause rather than the physical workload in their workplace. Respondents also report a lack of good communication within the team, which is most likely caused by various factors in the workplace, the lack of staff, the bad labor organization, and the supplies shortage.

Conclusion: There is evidence of stress strongly impacting the communication between midwives and their colleagues and patients. The high amount of workload and inadequate working conditions, old working appliances and a mismatch between labor input and salaries are a prerequisite for physical and mental exhaustion.

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