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Stress reasons among university students at the Veliko Tarnovo affiliate of the Medical University of Varna

Zhana Pavlovska, Yanka Markova


Introduction: The quality preparation of highly qualified and competitive specialists is the basic academic function of the university. Students` education is measured by the achieved academic grade. How this education reflects on the overall development of the students and how it builds up students as personalities and their physical and mental health is of high importance. Intellectual work is the basic action in education. Assisted by extended neuropsychological tension, it could provoke mental burnout, tension and stress which could be expressed in different negative activities.

Aim: The aim of this study is to identify the mainstress reasons, behavior and ways to overcome them among first-year university students in the Midwife and Nurse programs at the Veliko Tarnovo Affiliate as well as the physical and mental health prevention and the forming of a positive attitude toward the academic process.

Materials and Methods: The study included 19 students from the Midwife program and 20 students from the Nurse program, all aged between 19 and 53 studying at the Veliko Tarnovo Affiliate. Their opinion was studied.

Documentary and sociological (inquiry) methods and graphic analysis were used for the purpose of current research.

Results: Stress among first-year students has changed throughout the time. `Anxiety and inconvenience all the time` is typical for the first semester at the university - 47% while `stress of changeable character` was predominant among Midwife students during the second semester - 36% and `high anxiety` was prevalent among Nurse students - 38%, again during the same semester. The highest stress level is measured prior to exams. The stress reasons also change. The basic reasons during the first semester are linked to exams while those of the second semester are related to the training process. Basic emotional stress activities during both terms are: fear and anxiety, and confidence loss while the behavior activities are: time deficiency, sleep disturbance, low work efficiency. Physical stress on different human organs and systems is dominant during the exam period. Students use ways to overcome stress, which become more natural with time.

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