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The use of a combined impression method for the manufacture of a fixed denture construction

Svetlana Angelova, Maksim Simov, Ivan Tsonev, Anita Proytscheva, Darina Atanasova


Digital impressions eliminate a large number of the errors present in the traditional methods of taking dental impressions and casting conventional working models. With the emergence of intraoral cameras, the doctors of dental medicine had, for the first time, the opportunity to show their patients, on a screen, what they saw in the oral cavity. The model obtained through an impression is used in the dental laboratory to manufacture a denture construction based on the specific anatomical features of the patient. The combination of conventional and digital impression methods is the combination of some of their specific stages. The aim of this paper is to compare the conventional to the digital laboratory stages needed for the manufacture of a working model. To achieve this goal, we recorded the time needed to produce a conventional plaster model from elastomeric impression materials. After that, this time was compared to the time needed to scan the same conventional impression with an extraoral laboratory scanner. Then, with the help of a specialized software, a 3D virtual model of the scanned plaster model was created and the time for its manufacture was recorded. The technologies for digital impressions have very good prospects. The new prototyp ing technologies for production of 3D objects directly from the data source (adding the material layer by layer) eliminate a large part of the operations needed by the classical technologies. The advantages of standardizing, guaranteed quality, and patient`s comfort give the digital systems for intraoral impression taking high potential for development. In the future, they will have higher and higher application in the everyday dental practice.


digital impression, dental construction, scanning, working model, laboratory scanner

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