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Systems for early postoperative enhancement - medical, social and economical aspects

Stefka Georgieva, Petya Kantareva, Antoaneta Terzieva, Nadka Vassileva, Pepa Bikova


Introduction: Since the end of the last century revolutionary changes have occured in the field of surgery. The introduction of laparoscopic and other minimally invasive techniques, the use of new materials in hernia repair prostheses, new techniques and methods in ophthalmic surgery, arthroscopic operations and others. They allow a high volume of operations to be a subject to an outpatient or day treatment. There are multimodal approaches and systems involving a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, a nurse and a therapist. Their aim is an early recovery of the patients - physically and socially, minimal hospital stay, prevention of postoperative complications, and minimal postoperative pain. As a result, in addition to the direct medical and social benefits, there is also proven and significant economic efficiency.

Aim: To offer comprehensive multimodal program for early postoperative recovery and identify areas for its application.

Materials and Methods: The points which are included in the program for early postoperative recovery are:

1. Improvement of preoperative care.
2. Reduction of physical and mental stress of surgery.
3. Providing comfort in the postoperative period and improved postoperative care.

Conclusion: The issue of early recovery after surgery is as ancient as surgery as a science. But this problem has acquired a new dimension in the last decade, when minimally invasive methods were included in almost all areas of surgery and when the quality of life of patients is one of the benchmarks that determine the quality of medical activity


recovery after surgery, nurse care, postoperative complications

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