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Prevention of breast cancer of women in Dobrich region

Katya Eguruze


The observed tendency towards the steady increase in the incidence of breast cancer in European coun- tries, as well as the deterioration in mortality rates, show the need to strengthen all activities related to the promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The implementation of early diagnostic methods and the participation of women in ongoing screening can significantly affect adverse outcomes.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the awareness and participation of women about the on- going breast cancer prevention living in Dobrich town and the region.

Material and methods: The opinion of 309 wom- en living in Dobrich region, aged 20-65 years, has been studied. The survey was carried out between January and March 2015. Own tools were developed to conduct a direct anonymous poll. Sociological and statistical methods of study were used. The data were statistical- ly processed through SPSS v. 20.0 and are represented graphically.

Results and Discussion: The results show that less than half of the women surveyed (46.60%) knew what preventive examinations were performed on women against breast cancer, according to their age. Approx- imately so much are the women who have had pre- ventive examination of their breast (49.30%), this per- centage being maintained in all age groups. About two thirds (63.80%) of the women indicated that they were familiar with the breast self-examination method but only half of respondents (56.90%) applied it.


early diagnosis; prophylaxis; women; carcinoma; breast; self-examination; mammography

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