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Saliva as an alternative medium for testing secretory immunoglobulin (SIGA) in patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease on renal replacement therapy

Desislava Konstantinova, Anna Nenova-Nogalcheva, Stoyanka Tancheva


The authors` objective was to measure SIgA in sa- liva in control healthy subjects and in patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD), undergoing chronic dialysis treatment.

Material and methods. The units of observation were 104 patients: 70 patients (Clinical Group) with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis, with a mean age of 58.9 years (SD=14.46); and 34 clinically healthy subjects (Control Group), without any common dis- eases, with a mean age of 21.76 years (SD=1.79). All participant had their SigA levels measured from a sal- ivary liquid medium using Radial Immunodiffusion.

Results: The comparative analysis revealed sub- stantial differences in the SigA values in patients from both study groups. SIgA mean values of the partici- pants from the Clinical Group and the Control Group were 161.46±105.76 and 69.70±25.67 mg/l, respective- ly. The data indicated significantly higher SigA levels in CKD patients compared to healthy subjects.

Conclusion: Saliva is a particularly suitable me- dium for the study of SigA and plays a key role in oral immunity. SIgA values differed statistically in control healthy subjects and in end-stage CKD patients, un- dergoing chronic dialysis treatment.


CKD; SIgA; chronic dialysis


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