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Smile line - assessment and variations in relation to age and sex

Irena Georgieva, Teodora Targova, Sirma Angelova, Dobrinka Damyanova


Smile line has a decisive meaning for the assessment of the aesthetic risk of dental periodontal and implant therapy, especially in the aesthetic zone of the maxilla. The position and outline of marginal gingival tissues are very important for the aesthetics of the smile, as well as the morphological characteristics of hard dental tissues. Generally, the smile line is classified as low, medium and high. Мost gingival tisuues are visible in the case of a high smile line.

The smile line was assessed in 219 participants (79 males and 140 females) according to the Tyan`s classification (1984). The descriptive statistical analysis was performed by IBM SPSS Statistic version 19 softwаre.

When it comes to the smile line, sex and age are important factors in assessing the aesthetic risk of periodontal and implant therapy.


smile line; aesthetic risk; maxilla; front teeth; aesthetic zone

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