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Position and significance of Disaster Medicine in the education of students at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Maria Panteleeva, Hristianna Romanova


An overview was made of the necessity the discipline Disaster Medicine to be included in the program of the Pharmacy specialty as it is in the compulsory curriculum of the following programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nurse, Midwife, Assistant Pharmacist, Radiology Technician, Management of Health Care, Medical Cosmetics, and more.

The education at Medical University - Varna and Medical College - Varna is on an extremely high level and contemporary worldwide trends paying great attention to training, organization and dealing with disasters and accidents should not be neglected due to their increased frequency at a global scale.

As a result of disasters, accidents or terrorist attacks, pharmacists may be either injured, or in the role of first aid responders at the site of the accident.

Ever since the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Medical University - Varna the members of Disaster Medicine Department believe that it is essential for the Disaster Medicine discipline to be included in the compulsory curriculum in the training of Pharmacy students during the summer semester of the second year in the form of a 45-hour course (30 hours of practicals, 15 hours of lectures). This will help to increase their preparedness to deal with natural and anthropogenic disasters and catastrophes in real situations.


pharmacists; disaster medicine; disasters; accidents; catastrophes; terrorism

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