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Personal qualities of the successful dental technician

Ani Atanasova


When staff is hired the most suitable person for a job position is sought. This person must not only be highly motivated and have the ability to easily adapt to the new working environment, but also to possess specific personal qualities. The aim of the present research is to investigate the opinion of managers of dental technology laboratories, dental techonology specialists (staff) and dental medicine doctors regarding the personal qualities a successful dental technician must possess. An anonymous survey was conducted for this purpose. The subject of the survey were 250 people from Varna, Bourgas and Dobrich divided in the following way: 58 managers of dental techonology laboratories, 126 dental technology professionals (staff) and 66 dental medicine doctors. Data was processed with the help of SPSS v. 20 and the results were presented and interpreted using graphical, variational and comparative analysis. It was found that there are no great differences in the opinion of the three groups of respondents about the qualities of the successful dental technician (managers, dental technicians and doctors of dental medicine). The most important qualities mentioned by the respondents are professional skills and competences and personal characteristics such as responsibility, discipline and organizational capabilities. In conclusion, it can be said that the successful dental technicians stand out as qualified specialists who possess the necessary personal and professional qualities to work in highly competitive environment and to meet the challenges of the various clinical cases.


successful dental technician; necessary qualities; research

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