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Trends in the application of prosthetic treatment in children

Desislava Desislava, Radosveta Andreeva, Mariana Dimova-Gabrovska


Prosthetic treatment is of particular importance in children whose dental structures have not developed normally due to various genetic diseases, traumas, multiple caries and early childhood caries.

Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the trends in the use of prosthetic restoration in children.

Materials and Methods: Seven hundred sixty-seven dentists from the whole country were included in anonymous questionnaire survey especially designed for the purpose of this study. The obtained results are considered from the point of view of the location of dental practice, sex, age, years of practice and presence of specialty of dental practitioners. The results were processed statistically.

Results: The majority of the respondents were from district towns (85.90%) and the average age was 45.9 years. The prevalence was higher for women (61.50%) and dental practitioners with experience over 10 years (69, 10%). Although the majority of the people had long-term experience, the significant part of them is without specialty (62.70%). Of all dentists with specialty, those with specialty in general dentistry (49.70%) predominate. A significant part of the dentists indicated that they often treat children in their practice (67.90%), but only 10.6% (81 people) of all respondents were using prosthetic treatment in children.

Conclusion: The knowledge and application of the methods of prosthetic dentistry in children provides an opportunity for restoration of the three medical-biological indicators, while improving the child‘s physical, psycho-emotional and social development.


dentists; children; prosthetic treatment; tendency

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