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Comparative characteristics of the epidemic process of the HIV infection in Europe, Bulgaria and the Varna region for the period 2008-2017

Miglena Kolarova, Rumen Konstantinov, Tsonko Paunov, Anna Kircheva, Anka Baeva


For over thirty years, the world has been living with the global challenge to tackle the HIV epidemic. HIV/ AIDS infection remains a major public health problem in Europe. Bulgaria is still among the countries with low prevalence of the HIV infection, no epidemic, but individual sporadic cases are a cause for concern and require adequate prophylactic and anti-epidemic measures. The geographical location of Varna, the development of tourism, our status as a port city, the presence of many schools and universities with many young people, the shaping of possible new threatened groups that are characteristic of our region (foreign students and sailors) are part of the factors for the spread of various diseases, incl. HIV / AIDS. All this determines the need for ongoing monitoring and follow-up of disease progression.


HIV; AIDS; infection; epidemics; Varna region; Europe; Bulgaria

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